“So there was party going on at heaven, (dish dish dish) loud music and disco all the way. So one girl comes to the god and says “I don’t like this loud music, I would like to go back to the earth. “What?? It’s ed sheeran… he’s probably on top of the chart around u.k and all over the world right now,” God replied ! “Souury… im more into indies and john mayer,” she replies with irritation, and god gave his permission but at one condition- After 3 years from now, she must remember to give him miss call and remind him to pick her up back to heaven. So it was 2020 year and lot of things were improved with the time with trend and fashion. So she was all dressed up and with some make up and ready to again head back… so she gave god a miss call. “📞Turuuru turuuu, tururu…” his phone rang. He was busy complaining about some issues with air on lays chips at local store, down from his place. ” Come on bruh! Not here too its heaven … we should have some level, some standard, fill up some chips dammit” …and he sees her miss call and (💫zooooom) goes back to earth. But … he got lost. And takes out his Nokia cell phone. “Where the heck is this google map… I should’ve bought an Iphone rather than this cheap old Nokia… at least I could’ve used some siri shit, the one sun uses all the time.” Finally he reaches to her… with some magic on his sleeves. But the thing was he doesn’t recognize her. “Hey you… who are you and where is the girl? God questions her with skepticism. “I am the girl, I gave you miss call, uncle!” “No, don’t trick me. You didn’t have that big eyebrows and you weren’t that white. As baffled, god takes out his Nokia to confirm but the cell phone doesn’t work. “Whaat?! It’s fake nokia? I can’t trust even up there. Everything is duplicate. I shouldn’t have hired that Chinese little man!” So as infuriated… he ask her to prove him. Then the girl.. walks to her bathroom and comes washing her face. Then baaaaam… suddenly he recognizes her and goes back to heaven.” End!


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