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Sunday, October 2, 2016/ Manang, Nepal/ (Tilicho Lake Trek)

When routing for Tilicho lake, one of the highest lake around the world located In Manang District of Nepal; I was unknown of the fact and almost unrealized that with Mustang, Manang is also almost famous for producing apple to its finest, and yet biggest apple farming I’ve ever seen but this was all accidental.
We were never supposed to stop at the place ‘Bhratang Tea House’ located in Manang if not tired and astounded by the amount of apple growing intertwined with our path, side by side. So my cousin saw that they were selling their freshly produced red, green to the travelers or any by passers and so I knew it atm, we did hit the jackpot.

We bought some kilos and then baaam…. ‘One bite and I was traveling through the secret dimension of luscious flavour and savouring one of the great piece from nature. ‘My god, it was so ripe and juicy, I couldn’t believe that apples can be this good’. Trust me! It was beyond my expectation, and why not.. after eating all those sick and ill apples all the time- which we still get around the city but undoubtedly, the incomparable taste of Manang apples were the best reason to go back and stole their apple’s farming and eat all day.


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