I gotta write about this anime, I’m very amazed with this. Very well paced and beautifully adapted from manga. I don’t know how it’s shown on manga but I’m really pleased with the anime.

First, I found it very different and apart from one of the cliche anime out there. Plus, the message it’s trying to give us is really uplifting and staggering. The repercussion, the rippling effect of one’s bad deed is gravely uttered and a level of moral culpability is well portrayed here. And I think only Japanese anime have and had those ability and control over the character’s flawlessness.

“Koe No katachi” is one of the very few delicate anime with heart warming story and lovable character. Yes, the character Nishimiya has really done done me. It almost makes your sturdy heart to boil and melt away, ‘I don’t know what that means’ but it’s breathtaking, heart-taking.
After watching for a minute, I did not like the characters and the role but when I understood what it’s trying to give and present us, made me aware and realize that this anime can really change someone’s life in a better way. It does not only makes one person love it but also aware of things, appreciate more and to say it all, to be kind and understood.  The most important part to say about this anime is that, it is solely focused on the major problem that is ongoing around us that few only speaks. Such as bullying and its impacts. Which the lesson is very needed in our generation or upcoming generation. Eye-opening!
However, the result was not what I expected it to be, like if a blasting scenario but the realization of the Ishida made me shake my head…  ‘hmmm good’. But perhaps, thats how it should be.

Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 02.33.32

Well, over all satisfying- Packed with drama, sadness, joy, excitement and tears. Most of all, lot of feelings. I think after the wolf children I have to say… it’s no further away from being one of my favorite anime of all time. Although I am bit late to recommend viewers ‘Koe No Katachi’ for the recent anime, but I certainly can make you pin point it as the best anime of your list. That If, you haven’t watched and please do so. You’ ll cry but also enjoy it heartily.

“Koe No Katachi” was released on September 17, 2016 and directed by Naoko Yamada. In english term : A silent voice. It was produced by famous ‘Kyoto Animation’, while Koe No Katachi has the highest rating standing with top anime like Hayao Miyazaki’s anime Spirted away, My Neighbor Totoro, Howl’s Moving Castle etc.

This isn’t one of your blog for top list anime movie, or best anime out there to see or the review thing.” I loved it, and so good things must be shared and appreciated.


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