“The air I breathe-
a impalpable cage of misery
Lover I had bet-
a chance of living; a leaving train, without me
The love-
an end of me.”


Koe No katachi: A Silent Voice


I gotta write about this anime, I’m very amazed with this. Very well paced and beautifully adapted from manga. I don’t know how it’s shown on manga but I’m really pleased with the anime.

First, I found it very different and apart from one of the cliche anime out there. Plus, the message it’s trying to give us is really uplifting and staggering. The repercussion, the rippling effect of one’s bad deed is gravely uttered and a level of moral culpability is well portrayed here. And I think only Japanese anime have and had those ability and control over the character’s flawlessness.

“Koe No katachi” is one of the very few delicate anime with heart warming story and lovable character. Yes, the character Nishimiya has really done done me. It almost makes your sturdy heart to boil and melt away, ‘I don’t know what that means’ but it’s breathtaking, heart-taking.
After watching for a minute, I did not like the characters and the role but when I understood what it’s trying to give and present us, made me aware and realize that this anime can really change someone’s life in a better way. It does not only makes one person love it but also aware of things, appreciate more and to say it all, to be kind and understood.  The most important part to say about this anime is that, it is solely focused on the major problem that is ongoing around us that few only speaks. Such as bullying and its impacts. Which the lesson is very needed in our generation or upcoming generation. Eye-opening!
However, the result was not what I expected it to be, like if a blasting scenario but the realization of the Ishida made me shake my head…  ‘hmmm good’. But perhaps, thats how it should be.

Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 02.33.32

Well, over all satisfying- Packed with drama, sadness, joy, excitement and tears. Most of all, lot of feelings. I think after the wolf children I have to say… it’s no further away from being one of my favorite anime of all time. Although I am bit late to recommend viewers ‘Koe No Katachi’ for the recent anime, but I certainly can make you pin point it as the best anime of your list. That If, you haven’t watched and please do so. You’ ll cry but also enjoy it heartily.

“Koe No Katachi” was released on September 17, 2016 and directed by Naoko Yamada. In english term : A silent voice. It was produced by famous ‘Kyoto Animation’, while Koe No Katachi has the highest rating standing with top anime like Hayao Miyazaki’s anime Spirted away, My Neighbor Totoro, Howl’s Moving Castle etc.

This isn’t one of your blog for top list anime movie, or best anime out there to see or the review thing.” I loved it, and so good things must be shared and appreciated.

Lover’s Irony

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Sunday, July 13, 2017

Someday we will meet once more but maybe without the feelings
And time will laugh as we will set our path different ways;
Where you and I will remember the moment that got lost in heartless days
But little we knew there, that somewhere between love and hate..
There was always those memories that we kept it safe, to remember again and again.



Wednesday, October 5, 2016

oh dear, so sorry i grew up too soon
with truth and out of parties, while overthinking-
lost myself to early, now i only want to leave this town and people

running between age with only love and sheer luck
i become the morsel of tragedy, with lovers turning into poetry
but poems they never understood me

i stayed long enough there but without keeping moments, and only memories
well, i think now that i’ve failed, when ‘you’ is not the same in me
this is what i believe is regret but regret without any acceptance




Someone asked me, “how does it feel to lay down on a empty train with no one around but for your selfish reason only, doesn’t it make you scared and lonely?”
You left everyone who loved you, you disappointed the ones who believed
You even shut yourself, trying to disfigure in what you become
But somehow, didn’t you stop for them, the ones who called you a cheat?
I’m sorry but won’t you stop for to matter, for maybe to live?

The Godly Apples from Manang

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Sunday, October 2, 2016/ Manang, Nepal/ (Tilicho Lake Trek)

When routing for Tilicho lake, one of the highest lake around the world located In Manang District of Nepal; I was unknown of the fact and almost unrealized that with Mustang, Manang is also almost famous for producing apple to its finest, and yet biggest apple farming I’ve ever seen but this was all accidental.
We were never supposed to stop at the place ‘Bhratang Tea House’ located in Manang if not tired and astounded by the amount of apple growing intertwined with our path, side by side. So my cousin saw that they were selling their freshly produced red, green to the travelers or any by passers and so I knew it atm, we did hit the jackpot.

We bought some kilos and then baaam…. ‘One bite and I was traveling through the secret dimension of luscious flavour and savouring one of the great piece from nature. ‘My god, it was so ripe and juicy, I couldn’t believe that apples can be this good’. Trust me! It was beyond my expectation, and why not.. after eating all those sick and ill apples all the time- which we still get around the city but undoubtedly, the incomparable taste of Manang apples were the best reason to go back and stole their apple’s farming and eat all day.

The Fuel

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Monday, March 28, 2016

No one told me, what was this feeling that came uninvited and ravaging-
The black clouds over dainty sky, and the long silence before mountains eye; I knew it to feel the same way like when I broke myself before love arrived and later, I tearing every part of them. Yes, I was the storm in every lightning strike, and the ache after parallel paradise, with people and without them the other time. I was love but I was also the breaker, the one who never learned to count the blessings of one’s appetite.

Story of Deceived God


“So there was party going on at heaven, (dish dish dish) loud music and disco all the way. So one girl comes to the god and says “I don’t like this loud music, I would like to go back to the earth. “What?? It’s ed sheeran… he’s probably on top of the chart around u.k and all over the world right now,” God replied ! “Souury… im more into indies and john mayer,” she replies with irritation, and god gave his permission but at one condition- After 3 years from now, she must remember to give him miss call and remind him to pick her up back to heaven. So it was 2020 year and lot of things were improved with the time with trend and fashion. So she was all dressed up and with some make up and ready to again head back… so she gave god a miss call. “📞Turuuru turuuu, tururu…” his phone rang. He was busy complaining about some issues with air on lays chips at local store, down from his place. ” Come on bruh! Not here too its heaven … we should have some level, some standard, fill up some chips dammit” …and he sees her miss call and (💫zooooom) goes back to earth. But … he got lost. And takes out his Nokia cell phone. “Where the heck is this google map… I should’ve bought an Iphone rather than this cheap old Nokia… at least I could’ve used some siri shit, the one sun uses all the time.” Finally he reaches to her… with some magic on his sleeves. But the thing was he doesn’t recognize her. “Hey you… who are you and where is the girl? God questions her with skepticism. “I am the girl, I gave you miss call, uncle!” “No, don’t trick me. You didn’t have that big eyebrows and you weren’t that white. As baffled, god takes out his Nokia to confirm but the cell phone doesn’t work. “Whaat?! It’s fake nokia? I can’t trust even up there. Everything is duplicate. I shouldn’t have hired that Chinese little man!” So as infuriated… he ask her to prove him. Then the girl.. walks to her bathroom and comes washing her face. Then baaaaam… suddenly he recognizes her and goes back to heaven.” End!

Bickering Sunset


Monday, March 28, 2016

So terrified, I can’t remember when I sold myself away
Now life is on my shoulder, and strangers dancing on my days
Bet my living on love but tonight it’s the lovers funeral

Drove away from everything to live the life, what ‘love’ ever wanted
In a picture of crimson silhouette; the cold winter that marked our anniversary in red;
The wedding bells and unfortunate events
Oh yes, I seethe pondering, how can tragedy befell to me, I was always here

You and your change, you and your friends
My gratitude to your heart and your distance
I must ride very far and from your city curtains
Now I have this hurt, this ache to wash away
I must become a different man, before we meet again.