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Ways to buy My book “Anemone”

Those of you who wondering about my book in Nepal. It is now available on You can purchase it from their website. Just go to the and order my book and they will deliver to you at your place, which cost you some extra charge for delivery.


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Anemone by J. Limbu


by J. Limbu

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“Order Now! My Poetry Book Available”


It’s unbelievable to say, finally, my first book of poetry is here- Anemone: The windflower. Dear readers, you can show me your support and interest by purchasing it or sharing the links to your friends. It is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble bookstores now.
The book has 102 pages filled with poems, prose and philosophy with few illustrations scribbled by me.

|For International|
You can order your copies right now through and Barnes &
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Here’s The Main Link:

|For Nepal|
Soon to be Officially launched and released, where you can get your copies of ANEMONE: The Windflower easily in the local stores and libraries. Till then you can wait or you can still order through amazon and get your copies.

Just get it. Spread it, share it. Make Anemone known!

Hope you enjoy your read.