The Godly Apples from Manang

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Sunday, October 2, 2016/ Manang, Nepal/ (Tilicho Lake Trek)

When routing for Tilicho lake, one of the highest lake around the world located In Manang District of Nepal; I was unknown of the fact and almost unrealized that with Mustang, Manang is also almost famous for producing apple to its finest, and yet biggest apple farming I’ve ever seen but this was all accidental.
We were never supposed to stop at the place ‘Bhratang Tea House’ located in Manang if not tired and astounded by the amount of apple growing intertwined with our path, side by side. So my cousin saw that they were selling their freshly produced red, green to the travelers or any by passers and so I knew it atm, we did hit the jackpot.

We bought some kilos and then baaam…. ‘One bite and I was traveling through the secret dimension of luscious flavour and savouring one of the great piece from nature. ‘My god, it was so ripe and juicy, I couldn’t believe that apples can be this good’. Trust me! It was beyond my expectation, and why not.. after eating all those sick and ill apples all the time- which we still get around the city but undoubtedly, the incomparable taste of Manang apples were the best reason to go back and stole their apple’s farming and eat all day.


Pleasure in Lost Island

She seemed comfortable with the environment and everything that taking place. Her eyes focused and determined but losing her centre once in awhile. And I was already hyped to disappoint my sisters telling me not to start again. Its because I would always bring my sarcastic habit to sprinkle the atmosphere with some jokes. But its not what I say what I meant, what I feel what I do. I have always been the person bringing the deceptive role as much I can. And pursuing my inner character, I asked her. “Why do you travel”. Because I got very interested with an women who takes journey in such conscious and vigour. But the answer came so smooth, all my philosophical and poetry mood were fried and gulped and feeling like an idiot, I said interesting; Not even near. She said. “Do we need a reason for our passion to bolder us”? And I was mortified. Wise man gone. Just like that. But the thing was I was stuck to ensure my thoughts to give an outcome. And I felt I would get my answer from the person we just met during the travel in a hotel, drinking the same tea which felt so soothing which it didn’t at home. See sometimes circumstances matter but you can’t always sum up all your tricks in it. It was a good cold place surrounded by the deafening silence and wrecking whisper of a burning wood. But the heavy breathe that we were circling, made me contemplate so many answers I would give it to myself but still hesitate to put it into a result. Therefore I was always lost to find the answer but the answer of my upcoming questions would always miss me And I was the victim of this propaganda.

Not to think of any thing just to find myself, leaving every attachment that would connect me to myself to remind me who I was..I was always in love with this idea. And maybe I am still. Certainly I am this guy to run without this hesitation that would bring me to my vulnerability. I would run from these people that used to remind me where I came from. Because I knew I must lose myself to find again. I was sure of it. But then after all this event taking place, hating the thing that would attach me to my home, being haughty in travel. I looked again the same path I climbed so blindly. Yes, after my shoes torn, my breath without tranquil air, my eyes losing the desperation of excavation of new belief. I was homesick again. A need to return, a remedy of reminder to where I belong. And so I thought I would return and I will ask. Will you travel again. And at the time of my lacking inspiration where my heavy bones draining my soul. It was “no”. But the irony part is I am with the same spirit desperate to leave this place again and excavate another depth of nature. And maybe all that matters is that where we are, what are we doing, how we are doing and what should we be carrying during this journey, What knowledge. Because to make this valuable search, knowledge is the only thing to extract. Destination is just an allibi for our knowledge on periphery. Destination is not an absolute achievement.

Maybe we don’t need reasons to set our self to nature. But the thing that matters is what after the travel. What have we found.. What knowledge are you going to share..

November End : Kyanjin Gompa; Langtang



Rivers that sooth
Rivers that sooth
In the woods
In the woods

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This whole bunch of tree is related or grown from one .
This whole bunch of tree is related or grown from one .
I thought this was my sister 😛
My sisters, cousins and brother in law.

Yes she is the one 1460056_698768696809251_1880913643_n 996095_698767093476078_120760633_n 1452224_698766893476098_2076320799_n 1441353_698766456809475_1416942039_n 1476708_698769720142482_1840520622_n 935596_698772180142236_1612058659_n 1455871_698770950142359_796982228_n 1474497_698769933475794_724013518_n 941474_698773030142151_1018573375_n

Captioned By Brother In Law
Captioned By Brother In Law : Kathmandu Manche !
Yak befell !
Horse and khacchad breed.
They were here, they were…. For the pringles !

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To pour down these words, it took me longer than I thought it would to make it in unerring piles of letter directly from my heart in one piece because those beautiful souvenir I took from my traveling and those places couldn’t be expressed in content manner, cause perceiving upon blunder thoughts I can therefore make sure that not only it was a trip or trek that we did while following our common interest,  it was something only the word beauty or beyond could make it forth to clarify my unconventional adventure where we unexpectedly stumbled upon and amazingly caught with sheer luck of perfect timing for the need of the journey matching over to make a great memory . I hope someday I could again befell upon such blissful phase with my loved ones.

On Wednesday, November 27, 2013

We marched at dawn nearly at 8 o’clock am for the bus Syabrubesi and reached at 1:48 pm. Having roller coastered by the local bus followed by some breath taking roads on the way, we booked our place for the night and decided to leave at morning and for the time being, we decided to chill and explore Syabrubesi where we found more hotels and shops as it was installed for the tourism or tourist. Therefore we managed to find snooker house and gave a shot.  But hardly I could hit a ball then certainly it had to come out off interest. I enjoyed clicking photos rather than playing.

Thursday, November 28, Morning

We vigorously began our journey to Kyanjin Gompa as it takes 10 days precisely reaching and returning where depends on the trekking. We then forth to fill our famished heart, solicited in every steps. What couldn’t amazed us; coming from cooped up and caged pavements. A bridge to complete the perpetual walk, rivers to sooth the eyes and woods to enhance the tremendous walk. I rarely felt what is real. Fantasies were blooming, imagination were invited in possible manner and it defines that such frivolous thoughts doesn’t dissipate. After 3 hours, we reached bamboo and decided to mark our stay for the feeding before we fell from appetite. As so there was enormous waterfall falling in aside which was the best therapy and for resting our bones. It was like the nature was playing the peaceful symphony and I am its victim. Blessed! Bamboo was installed in between woods and river. Perfect!

At dusk, after dancing and playing friends with the wilderness. We invaded Lama Hotel for the night to escape beat up vessel and stretched skin. But none could ever complain cause before reaching it, we never imagined to befell upon such untouched beauty..Untold paradise. So many texture of bliss in one steps. It was too unreal, rivers all along the way, trees at our shade, hills and stones with announced claims and unseen company with their fouls play.  Lama hotel was about 3 hour far from bamboo hotel in the hill side.

Friday, November 28, It was only the start for the joy we touched, there was something more.  See there was everything I could ever find, an adventure in suspense, a journey itself dipped in hungry story and the land was promising with the figures of art. Cause the art is enigmatic, elusive, yet amazing in unknown field. The arts are dipped in secrets avoiding the invaders. Cause the jewel that art hides should only be given to the one who unfolds and understands the value. Then with unchewed and revived soul where everywhere seemed offer, we perpetually piled up to its texture. We were prisoner of its air. After 7 hours, we then reached our second last destination Langtang. After repeatedly getting pounded by the mountains screen we were now walking face to face with those perfect definition of natural beauty..The mountains and the hills. Reflecting the biggest gift of nature. To be amazed was small thing there. So we agreed to steady our hearts and please our tired bones to rest. Where we realized it was the part of wind to play there. Oh, yes! it was windy place. I thought 5 year old kid would be easily flying at night if he would be caught upon such windy night and not to talk about how nature was alive at one piece because certainly technology couldn’t take place in those heights. No Network, No battery, No Communication with the lavishment of the world. It was in the wild, my soul danced and the bones sang to its beat as if this vessel was made to pour in this virginity place from the first. I got its hunch, I understood the rhythm and I flowed with it. I was free.

Saturday, November 30, Morning, Setting a new motion to breathe and we marched to our last destination, Kyanjim Gompa to see glacier line. We came across on sharpest horn we have ever seen. It was wild yak. They loved salts. It is also said that the yak of the langtang do not eat the grass where humans foots are touched. They live in unity and mostly they do not interfere as long as their babies are in danger. We knew this because while leading the way there were yaks and their kids and suddenly they turned furious cause they might thought we would harm them and because of that our partners ran down the hills. Haha . Then after 4 hours, we met our fate. Our last destination, Kyanjin Gompa. Anywhere, everywhere our eyes groomed by the glaciers. While temperature lowering down in every steps, we were at the height of 3870 m above. Nothing was supposed to be real, nothing. Only our sceptical thoughts. And the coldness reaching our lungs. Then while returning the rivers we crossed were frozen and came back breaking them. Haha! Again to city.