World and Humans


Sunday, October 2, 2016

It’s a different world, you know. It’s a different place, filled with different people. They think somebody’s sorrow or somebody struggle is not of their concern, until it has to be face by them. But I thought we humans are all the same, that we understand when someone suffers, when someone falls down because we are made up of same soul, same heart but I guess I was wrong… we are different. We don’t feel when someone does. We don’t even stand up for something that we believe in. It’s a different country with different people. Protesting for their selfishness. Using greed instead of heart. And you question humanity instead of your action. What a world!




Monday, October 3, 2016

You smelled like the garden with autumn leaves, and a little rain of spring- less of us and more earthly, and why I loved you.

Who am I?

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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

No one is greater or lesser than me. That is all I care and that is all I feel. I am here to do right thing but less and I should do greatly or exceptionally but quickly because I have no intention of seeking life beyond the dead trees. I have feared only age not emptiness; only love not hate. My weakness is for kind and innocence; not for cruelty and violence. I will not bow before any god or goddess by the likes of mere human whose belief changes with greed and temples. My vow rest with nature… as life is what it grows and life it gives, I worship every living – trees, mountains, rivers… from dust to wind. I despise society, trend and ignorant people, but I heartily welcomes your authenticity, respect, love, kindness & generosity. If you or are one of them; I greet to you with my pure intention as I am only a soul let born from the heavenly stars… I agree to walk with you for greater call!

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愛される: Aisareru


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

I need a song to make me sleep; tuck me in
No remorse, no grief shall find me weep
Like a lovers hands, I will trust these pillow warmth
Let me dream something sweetest, sweet as my mother’s defeat

Like the labour’s shoulder, the days gets heavy on me
Whom shall I share the ‘inside’, oh they only saw what they thought, they seen
I need a song, maybe some; they will sing me to sleep
I have lost my faith to these people I trusted, they do not know me

I want to sleep with these loneliness
No thoughts, no world, nor people shall penetrate me.

Vanish Away


Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The love should fade and the lover should die
In the verse or in the poets page
The miscreant should run and the culprit shall lie
In your vicinity or in your country sight

Please remember me; mistakenly words should grave in your mind
She is better off without, it is what I was told
And I embraced the empty road that resonated with her foot steps
The darkness did came, rising, raging with the loss of a friend

How close can you define the gravity of lust; but not loss?
We grieve and there is danger in what we hold on
Like misfits we grow or the victims of suicide.

Little Boy


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Father, Father, where do you rest?
Haven’t seen you in awhile; will I?
You must’ve have aged? let me see your face someday
Or else I shall never see you again

Every night, the child is born, but no father
And the eyes must wet like the leaves with dew;
The year is eternal and the child must weep; they did
So did their memories with the morning’s hue.

The Longing Road


Monday, October 3, 2016

House of adamant December
I once loved you madly and free
Mild soothing air and the pirouetting leaves
Billowing hair and the dress around our twin feet
I have stayed here just the same with your memory

The home of unvitiated stranger, vaguely reoccurs to me
I asked you then, “Will you always be here with me”
Such a poignant reminder of your delicacy
The perfidious man and the redundancy of beloved eighteen
Can you even compare the fall or the arrival that isn’t seen?

My love, the winter had us and the vows are to fade
Such are these branches to die and my roots to sail
I will be here once again to reclaim all of what we become-
The lovers in another’s arms or the man in different land

The Silence


Thursday, October 6, 2016

The flower can bloom in various ways and everyone can see
But here in this same land, many withered and none of you seen
There were twenty two and hundred petals in numerous colours in fourteen scene
They die but death is not counted beside only growth in beauty

I have died the same and fooled you many; its not fair that you get tricked so easily
Sometimes the walls that stood so silent and simple infront you
Shouldn’t it must be stared and understood for its quiddity?
So would you mind questioning his tragedy?

Come on, the people of various sense
The loneliness should only be gifted in solitary existence
Not if you being, proclaim your place in his days;
You must pay your sentiments to his enigmatic misery
So go and ask him, for his sorrow and his travesty.